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Getting Quotes from Removal Companies is Easy on Shiply

How do I use Shiply to find a removal company?

With Shiply it’s easy to find low-cost removal companies for the level and type of service you require. Just make a listing on the Shiply website with the details of your move and let the quotes come to you at a saving of up to 75%, whether you’re looking for a full service with all the trimmings, or just a small bit of van space for what won’t fit in your car.

No two house removals are the same, so having several quotes to compare means you can find the service that is right for your move. With thousands of companies registered with us, you’ll have more choice over what help you need on moving day, and more choice over the price you pay.

When listing your house or flat move on Shiply, you can be as detailed as you like. We advise you to be as specific as you can, so that companies know what services to offer with accurate quotes.
Once you’ve received several quotes, you can communicate with the removal firms using the messaging system to clarify any further details before making your final decision and accepting a quote.

Over 100,000 people have found a removal company with Shiply.



What are the benefits of using Shiply for my house move?

Thousands of registered removal companies – Shiply has thousands of companies ready to send you a quote for your house removal. This means you have more choice between types of company, types of service, and what price you pay.

Time Saving – With Shiply you only need to make one listing. Letting removal companies come to you instead of having to call each company individually will save you lots of time, so you can get on with other things while the quotes arrive in your inbox.

Easy to use – Our online form is simple and user-friendly. You just need to answer a few questions about the specifics of your personal house move and your listing will be live in no time. Questions include whether you live in a house or flat, how many rooms there are and the addresses of both the old and new home.

Better for the environment – Our registered moving companies schedule their jobs with Shiply around their existing work in a similar area to you, or are using spare space in what would otherwise be an empty or part-full vehicle. This means your house move will often have less of a negative impact on the environment.

Lower cost – As your possessions will be using up otherwise wasted space in vehicles, our removal companies can offer cheaper prices for the same high standards of service that you would expect from approaching house removal companies individually elsewhere. Shiply users typically save up to 75% compared to standard rates so you won’t be paying an unnecessary premium.

Which types of removal services can I find on Shiply?

A company offering a full moving service will assist you with all of the move, including helping you to pack, doing all of the heavy lifting at both ends, and unpacking for you in your new home. This type of service is typically at a higher cost due to the amount of work involved. A full service would suit a busy household with minimal time for packing and those that would rather avoid the stress of the move and leave the bulk of the work to the professionals.

part-service offers some of the same features as a full service, but not all. Typically a part-service will include loading and unloading at both ends, but will not include helping with any packing. This type of service would be best for those that are around on the day to be involved in the move, but perhaps are in need of an extra pair of hands. A part-service would also suit those who may need help with particular jobs at either side of the process, for example help with assembling furniture.

self-service or self-packing move is the most basic and cost-effective of the removal types. Self-service can be either just the hiring of a van for you to drive yourself, or it can be hiring a driver with a vehicle to get your possessions from the old house to the new one. If you’ve already got lots of hands ready to help on moving day and do not need a team to help with packing and assembling, a self-service move is probably all you’ll need for your move.

When choosing between quotes from removal companies on Shiply, make sure you understand the service that each quote includes, so you know exactly what to expect and know how to prepare for moving day. Before you accept a quote, we recommend that you take a look at the Shiply profile of each company – here you can check the insurances and accreditations of all of the companies that have sent you a quote, as well as the companies’ feedback as rated by other Shiply users. Once you’ve decided which company to go for, accept your chosen quote.

In the lead up to your moving date, make sure you let your chosen company know of any changes that may affect them.



How should I prepare for my house move?

There are a lot of things to do to prepare for moving day, which will help everything run more smoothly and minimise stress. Here are some tips to help you in the lead up to your moving day:

Let people know about your move – As well as loved ones, make sure you remember to notify companies about your move including energy providers, your bank and Royal Mail. Subscriptions and memberships will need to be moved over to the new address, as well as your TV licence and phone bill, so make a list of everyone you need to inform and work your way down one by one.

Declutter – Try and get rid of things you don’t want to keep, especially if your new home has less storage space than your current home. For higher value items, try selling on eBay for some extra money, and consider donating items to charity or giving away to friends and family. After decluttering you’ll have fewer boxes to pack, and it’ll feel more like a fresh start in your new home, not surrounded by things you don’t need or want.

Ask supermarkets for leftover cardboard boxes – Boxes don’t have to cost a fortune. Ask friends and family for spare boxes or visit your local supermarket to see if they have any in the stock room for you to have. If you’ve paid for a full moving service, cardboard boxes may be provided but it’s best to double-check what your service includes so you’ve got everything you need on the day.

Pack your most used items last – If you’re struggling to get started with the packing, a great place to start is to pack the items you use the least, first. If you’ve got a loft or cupboard full of items you hardly use (but don’t want to throw away), you can pack these first without impacting your day to day life. As moving day draws nearer, gradually work your way towards packing items that are more and more regularly used. For fragile items like crockery or ornaments, make sure you use protective packaging like bubble wrap or newspaper and check that they are tightly packed in their boxes so they can’t move around too much or break during the journey between houses.

Label everything – Make sure boxes are clearly labelled. You don’t have to list everything in each box, but even writing which room it’s for (eg. kitchen, bedroom 1) will help the removal company know which room to take the box to, and will help you when unpacking at the new home. Stock up on parcel tape and pens and share them out to each family member so they can pack their own bedrooms.

Try to schedule a weekday move – If you can, a weekday move is more beneficial for several reasons: There’ll be less traffic on the roads, fewer people around and there should be more removal companies to choose from by avoiding a weekend date. If you’ve got children, moving on a weekday means they’ll be at school so will be safely out of the way and get to come back to a new home after their school day.

Recruit helpers – If you can and if you think you might need to, ask for help from those close to you to ease the load on moving day. An extra person helping will get the work done faster, which will lower stress levels and give you more time for enjoying your new home. If you anticipate needing an extra pair of hands on the day, make sure you specify this on your Shiply listing so companies can source the staff needed.

Keep in contact with your chosen company – If there are any changes that may affect how your chosen removal company can help you on the day, make sure you let them know so they are aware in advance. For example, if you’re not allowed in the new home until a later time of day to when you’ve agreed, or if you need more vehicle space than you anticipated.

Arrange cleaning in the old house – Whether you’re cleaning it yourself or hiring a professional cleaning company, make sure you leave the old house empty, clean and tidy for the next owners to move in. If you don’t want to take cleaning products to the new place, you might want to leave things like cloths or bleach for the new owners to use

Pack a moving day bag – A great idea is for everyone to have their own moving bag packed with essentials for the first few days in your new home. This will save you having to unpack boxes prematurely, or wasting time desperately looking for a phone charger in a sea of boxes. Good things to include in a moving day bag would be a toothbrush, toilet roll, a change of clothes and a toolkit.